The apartment cleaning service provider must have a commitment to quality, reliability, and sincerity. Deep cleaning is the most common cleaning service we offer.    Additionally, we can do light touch-ups after the initial cleanups.

   We provide quality service to residents of Broward and Miami-Dade counties. It is important that your home is clean for health reasons. Our cleaners can make sure your    areas are dust-free, especially kitchen and bathroom areas.

   It is common for people not to realize what they have until they lose it. A clean house is a sign of a healthy person and it can be hard to keep up. It can also be especially    difficult for those who live in a small apartment.

-Services for an Apartment-

-Bathrooms: dust, remove cobwebs, clean toilets, mop floors, clean bathroom doors, clean mirrors/chrome, clean tile walls, clean tubs/showers.

-Living areas: removal of cobwebs, manual surface cleaning, door and frame stain cleaning, floor washing, general vacuuming, etc.

-Bedrooms: scrubbing floors, manual cleaning of surfaces, removal of cobwebs, vacuuming in general, cleaning doors and door frames.

-Kitchen: Wash countertops, wash windows, wash the exterior of the hood, wash the surfaces and fronts of the stove, wash the sink and polish the chrome, wash the microwave, wash the front of all appliances, wash frames in situ of doors and padding

-We are looking for the best way to clean an apartment-

Our customers appreciate that we incorporate their wishes into our proven cleaning process. By working with you to create and track your cleaning schedule for all cleaning jobs, we can ensure the right results for your needs.

Each of our professional cleaners is fully trained to ensure that the service you receive is what you want. We wear nationally-recognized uniforms and are honored that they provide the quality of cleaning your most important areas deserve.

Order apartment, rental, and condo cleaning services and get guaranteed results without worrying about cancellation or liability. Our team of trusted housewives will always come to your home on the dates agreed for your cleaning schedule. Our goal is to give you the downtime you need and clean a home you can be proud of.

All Cleaning Miami services are always ready to serve homeowners who need to use relocation services. Trust our experts to clean your rental property when your security deposit is at stake.

What is our secret?

No secrets. Get what you need, when you want, a weekly or monthly cleaning service. You can expect flexible, industry-leading service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are flexible with the schedule.

We are insured for any damage.

We work with the preferences of our clients.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee and the best price.

It feels great to be home. Especially when the apartment is clean and tidy on arrival. No matter what type of home, All Cleaning Miami offers the most reliable house and apartment cleaning services.