-Cleaning and disinfection of car dealerships-

       When people go to a car dealership to buy a new car, their first impressions can make a world of difference. If the showroom is dirty, in poor condition, and poorly maintained, customers may undervalue the company or retailer, not to mention the vehicle for sale. However, if the same line is perfect, you can rely on that depending on your level of experience.

       This helps car dealers make the best possible impression on their potential customers. Trust your cleaning needs to professionals with over 10 years of commercial cleaning experience.

    -Cleaning services include areas such as: -

    Restrooms Kitchen Doorknobs / Frames Push / Pull Areas
    Light Switches Copiers and Printers Conference Rooms Public Counters
    Drinking Fountains Handrails All Chairs Desks
    Workstations Phones Keyboards Computer Mice
    Cubicles Doors