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Post-Construction Cleaning

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-Our Mission-

Our goal is to provide the highest cleaning experience to our customers. We take pride in referring each and every one of our customers to our other janitorial services.

As a result, we provide a range of services on which we've been focusing for years, cleaning more thoroughly, making a stronger effort, and keeping prices low.

-In conclusion, we have developed into experts in all facets of cleaning, but Post-Construction Cleanings, which we have been providing from our beginning, about  10 years ago, is by far our finest cleaning services.

-End of Construction Cleaning-

All Cleaning Miami, a leading source of post-construction cleaning services, has a team of committed and knowledgeable workers and makes use of cutting-edge equipment and cleaning products.

We put ourselves in your shoes, so we know when we clean your facility we will put our 100% effort into cleaning any crevis and dirt you may have in your house, office, or facility. All Cleaning Miami makes sure that when we finish your cleaning, it is the cleanest house in all of Miami.

This is because, for us, cleaning an End Of Construction Cleaning is easier than normal cleaning, since it doesn't have any furniture or objects and all we have to do is clean carefully, and at 100%.

We always give any cleaning, especially end-of-construction cleaning, our utmost effort, so you can be sure that any occupants who may dwell in the house are entirely comfortable in the facility.


Professional Cleaning Services Post-Construction

We have a team of professionals who are equipped with all the tools and skills to handle any cleaning job.
Use a trustworthy final cleaning service. Are you looking for the greatest cleaning service now that you've completed organizing your home? Do you have plans to redecorate your place of business and want to make sure any cleaning service you employ will be on time and deliver excellent results? Call 305 457 8595 at once!
Renovation of a home or business is one of the projects whose cleaning technique is often more challenging, particularly because there is sometimes a lot of dirt that may be overlooked at first glance.
It is often a good idea to hire a reputable and hard-working organization to guarantee that everything is ready so that business may restart as fast as possible. Here's where we come in. We promise you'll get a fantastic cleaning at a cheap price.
Ensure that we clean anything that becomes dirty too quickly by working with us to schedule weekly, monthly, one-time, bi-monthly, and other forms of periodic cleaning. Simply send an email to info@allcleaningmiami.com or give either 786 612 2893 or 305 457 8595 a call. If we can't reach you right away, go to the budget or contact page instead.

Post-Construction Services Include:

  • ●Elimination of all dust and debris, the interior cleaning service will be carried out in all rooms of the house.
  • ●Disposal and Cleaning
  • ●Cleaning of Stairs and Other Common Areas
  • ●Traces of Cement or Plaster.
  • ●Silicones or Glue that the Floor or Windows May Have
  • ●Removal of all labels that may have windows, shelves, among others
  • ●Bedroom Cleaning
  • ●Bathroom Cleaning
  • ●Kitchen Cleaning
  • ●Interior Window Cleaning
  • ●Garage Cleaning
  • ●Interior Cleaning of All Shelves and Cabinets.
  • ●Door Cleaning on Both Sides
  • ●Dust Removal on Switches

-Typical Post-Construction Cleaning-

We work with the preferences of our clients. Every service we do is adapted to the client, for the best cleaning experience.

When the owner or agent requests a deep cleaning after the renovation or construction is complete, this is when we come in. Instead of performing a deep cleaning when you hire us, we perform a Post-Construction Cleaning, which is a completely different type of cleaning that is better for a just-completed cleaning and deeper than other cleanings.

It's fantastic to know that the building you've just finished is the cleanest one you've seen since you first began construction. For every scale of construction, All Cleaning Miami offers the most inexpensive post-construction cleaning services.


There are many benefits that you will get by hiring professional cleaners from All Cleaning Miami. You will have qualified and professional staff who will know how to clean correctly, so that it does not cause any damage to the cleaning of your company or home. You'll also have access to high-quality machinery so you don't have to worry about using the wrong tools or products for the job.

Planning ahead can help reduce workplace stress and increase productivity. Cleaning services are an integral part of every commercial and residential property. The importance of a clean environment cannot be underestimated. Cleaning services can be scheduled in various ways. The most common method is to schedule service once or twice a week, depending on the areas that need cleaning. Some people prefer to schedule service by the hour and then call the company when they need it.

The price of a cleaning service depends on several factors such as the frequency of cleaning, the products and tools to use, the size of the company, the house, etc. Without knowing this data we cannot determine cleaning prices in Miami Dade & Broward counties. For this reason, to know the price of cleaning offices, events, commercial premises, floors, and windows... you can contact us and we will give you a personalized budget adapted to your needs without any commitment..

The most important characteristic of the cleaning service is that it must be qualified and professional. It is also important that they have high-quality machineries, such as vacuum cleaners and mops. Our cleaning company is widely recognized thanks to the correct execution of all the tasks that make up our cleaning service for apartments, houses, offices, and more in Miami Dade & Broward counties.