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Safe and guaranteed cleaning services.


We have the tools and products necessary to carry out the proper cleaning for you.


Our staff has the preparation and the appropriate experience to carry out the cleaning tasks to be carried out.


Our prices are very competitive. The less the better. We adjust to your needs, you are the one who decides what you are willing to pay.


Every cleaning job we do, we give a guarantee. In this way you have total peace of mind. And your money will have it safe and well invested.

Working hours

All cleaning works are carried out in the shortest possible time and will be completed in a single day, except in the case of cleaning the end of the construction.


You decide which areas to clean out of your home or office to set up your own service. In this way you will get a service to your liking.

Our Services:

clean the room

The perfect bedroom

Make beds and change the sheets to clean the dust of all the attainable surfaces, handles and light switches and doors. Both the mirrors and the glass accessories will be cleaned, we will vacuum, we will clean all the floors, we will collect recyclable garbage. .


Tidy bathroom

Wash and disinfect the toilet, shower and sink to remove dust from all attainable surfaces. We will clean the door handles and the light switches. The glass mirrors and accessories will be cleaned. We will vacuum and clean all the floors. We are going to pick up the garbage. and recyclable materials.


Your beautiful kitchen

Washing and scrubbing the sink will wash the faces of cabinets, appliances and all attainable surfaces. We will clean the mirrors and the glass accessories, as well as the floors will be vacuumed by urtimo, we will eliminate the recyclable garbage.

clean the livingroom

Make the living room better

To improve the living room, we will clean the dust from a great height, we will vacuum the furniture and accessories, the air conditioning, the fan, the wall marks (washable paint), etc. We will vacuum the carpet and finally clean the floor.