To clean the furniture.

To clean the furniture will depend on the type of material and the state in which they are. It is a good time to determine if they need a restoration by scratches, spots, marker marks, etc.

In general, the cleaning of the furniture consists of passing a cloth to remove the dust and apply a specific product. Before placing the decorative elements that embellish the room, you must also clean them.

Clean the blinds

The blinds are washed with soapy water, like the window frames, then rinsed and dried. For crystals to be bright and last longer, you should use water with white vinegar or a few drops of ammonia.

The procedure consists of passing a special glass cloth moistened with this preparation and drying it with a microfiber cloth that leaves no trace.

Clean the upholstery

The armchairs or any furniture with upholstery are vacuumed to remove dirt. For stains, use a special product for textiles with disinfectant and bactericide, make a preparation with warm water (the amount of the product will depend on the dirt to be removed).

To apply these products, you must wear gloves, impregnate a cotton cloth and rub the area to be cleaned, then rinse until the area is completely clean. They are also very efficient in the prevention of stains, their frequent vaporization prevents the adherence of dirt.

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