If you are looking for someone to make beds and change the sheets. Or to remove dust and clean all surfaces where it can not be reached. For that, call All Cleaning Miami, clean the entire room. Doors and light switches, mirrors and accessories. We will vacuum and mop all the floors. Finally we will eliminate all the garbage, for the same price. CALL US TODAY FOR AN APPOINTMENT

If our house is 2 stories, we must make sure that it always starts with the highest floor. Separate all the products and implements needed to clean, make arrangements to climb all at once and avoid going up and down constantly. In this way, now it will take time and it will not run out that much.

Preparations to clean.

Prepare sheets to wash and hang blankets outdoors, preferably in the sun or in your dryer. Look at the mattress cover and decide if it is time to put it in the washing machine or wait another week. Remove everything that can be moved and easily placed on the bed.

We will close the windows and, with a duster, shake the roofs and corners, we will always start from the top down. It includes shutters, frames and doors. This operation will be carried out in all the rooms, while you clean the rest of the rooms, the dust will settle in the first one that has shaken.

So, while we clean the rooms, we must keep closing the doors. In this way we will prevent the dust from passing from one room to another.

Ask for a budget without commitment!

All Cleaning Miami offers the residents of Miami, FL, the most complete and professional cleaning service available. With commercial and residential cleaning available, we can service your property either in a large office building or in a ranch-style home. From carpet cleaning to office cleaning, there is nothing our staff can not handle.