The room that requires more work to restore its clean and tidy appearance is the bathroom. The ideal standard proposes efficient and complete cleaning systems, but also provides innovative solutions. Almost nobody wants to face that part of the bathroom, and everyone dreams of carrying out their sanitation as quickly as possible. Both in domestic and public facilities, the toilets are in the ranking that can focus a greater concentration of dirt.

Correct cleaning of toilets:

1. Ventilate the toilet.

2. Cleaning of the toilets.

3. Sanitary disinfection.

4. Recover the shine of surfaces in sanitary appliances.

Tricks that can help you in the daily cleaning of the toilets.

1-) When cleaning the toilet, sink, bidet and bathtub, use only one product when cleaning.

2-) Use a cloth impregnated with a disinfectant cleaner, leaving it at least five minutes, then remove the product by rinsing it with water.

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3-) Use a polishing pad and apply the disinfectant cleaner if the sanitary product has embedded stains, let it work, remove it with a cloth and water until the remains of dirt are completely removed.

4-) If your residence is in a hard water area, you must insert a disinfection tablet in the toilet tank or hang it on the edge to prevent future stains and a fresh smell.

5-) Clean the toilets properly every day, there should be no stains, a dripping tap or a leak can cause dark spots.

 Product that is usually found in our house to disinfect our toilets.

1-) Vinegar

2-) Sodium bicarbonate.

3-) Hydrogen peroxide

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