We all try to keep the kitchen as clean as possible, either by mapping the floor or checking the burners after cooking. Over time, it is inevitable that grease and dirt will accumulate that are difficult to clean.While cleaning is not the most fun, it is important to maintain the kitchen with a good level of hygiene.
The more often we clean the kitchen, the less time and less work is required.Let’s make sure we have the basic conditions for cleaning. Never forget to wear gloves and read the instructions on the label of each container.

In All Cleaning Miami we have equipment, products and experience for both residential and commercial kitchens. We work with antibacterial products and steam equipment.

Empty the drawers and cabinets before starting the cleaning to disinfect everything and clean inside. Clean the inside and outside of the shelves and the exhaust fan. The most effective is usually to work with a steam engine.

If the doors are made of wood, it is better to use a wood cleaner. Light up the handles. If they have a lot of fat, do not worry, we will eliminate all that fat. Once clean, we will apply a metal restorer so that it shines and everything looks like new.

Empty the garbage.
We will clean cupboards and appliances.
The interior of the sink is cleaned.
Clean countertops, burners, handles.
Remove dry spots from food.
Vacuum carpets or carpets.
Sweep the floor and then mop.

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