Post construction cleaning

Work cleaning or renovation in offices and premises.

If you need a fast and efficient cleaning team, composed of cleaning professionals to leave your premises or office ready after a job or renovation, contact us to make a free estimate.

We use special products to remove plaster, paint, splashes, adhesive tape or adhesive residue. We clean your office or premises by removing all debris from work or renovation, vacuuming and scrubbing thoroughly.

Once the cleaning of the work or the renovation is done, we proceed to the cleaning in detail, eliminating remains of dust in furniture, windows, doors, frames, etc.

What to expect during cleaning

Our employees perform the work from Monday to Friday from 8 to 18 hours, although some exceptions can be established outside these hours and thus comply with a personalized service.

We arrived with our own supplies and cleaning equipment. We have a fast and deep cleaning service for special needs, leaving the house, office or premises clean the same day.

What to expect after cleaning

At the end of cleaning in your home or work space, a supervisor will perform a small quality test to verify your level of satisfaction with the work done.

Know that if for some reason we do not meet your expectations, we will return and comply with the guarantee of our work. Simply notify us within 24 hours of any problem, including any supervision or misunderstanding regarding the specification of your cleaning plan.