At All Cleaning Miami, we undoubtedly know how important the carpet is to our customers. That is, it is important to take care of carpet cleaning. Therefore the carpets make your home a warm and comfortable place. We will give you a perfect life for children to play and walk barefoot when it is cold. Consequently a dirty carpet would affect a room with the best appearance. As a cleaning method, we use an injection-extraction machine with dry foam.

Our company will clean your carpets. And as a result, we take care of the general health of your home. Keep your home with a pleasant feeling with its impeccable carpets.
Finally, we will leave your floors with a wonderful appearance. Most carpets dry in about an hour. A cleaner will provide quality, satisfaction and price. “Above all”, the most important thing for us is you! Call us today to clean your carpet! “Phone: 305 457 8595” We can not wait for it to be cleaned!

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Tips on how to clean a carpet:

1-) First, when we have spots of grease and liquids, absorb with a paper towel or a microfiber towel, then apply a little soap and water so that the carpet does not stain.
2-) If the food spills on the carpet, they should be removed quickly, and in this way we avoid impregnation in the carpet fibers.
3-) The consequences of a rainy day, has been done with dirty boots in the house; If this happens, in the future, to obtain the dust, brush and operate the vacuum cleaner.
4-) If for some reason you spill wax, you must wait until it hardens and then remove it in pieces. Pass the iron on an absorbent paper, no doubt, this way it will eliminate what is left on the carpet.
Tired of cleaning the hair of your dog or cat, it is not a problem, leave it in our hands we leave it as new.