The cleanliness of a school is essential for its proper functioning. Cleaning is essential in places with high traffic of people, such as schools, colleges, universities and residences.

We need special care for the accumulation of dirt that originates in these places and the amount of viruses, bacteria and germs that can be transmitted from one person to another if we do not perform an adequate cleaning of the place.

In All Cleanig Miami we have the professionals and the necessary tools to carry out a comprehensive cleaning job, and in our cleaning service of colleges and universities, such as:

  • Walls, mirrors and doors.
  • Floors:
  • The bathrooms:
  • Lights, switches:
  • Air filters:
  • Air conditioning outputs:
  • Tables and chairs:
  • Kitchen maintenance: microwave, dishwasher, fryers, ovens … etc.

Ask for a budget without commitment!

In our school cleaning service in Miami, we offer our clients a professionalization service for employees (if necessary), since health and hygiene in these places is an especially important job.

Our cleaning company in Miami, is already known in the sector for having worked with clients of multinational size and for the guarantee of a long path of experience and professionalization in the sector. This guarantee, together with our cleaning technology, means that we can offer the disinfection and care that many other cleaning companies can not offer.

In addition, All Cleaning Miami also has all the necessary machinery to clean carpets and upholstery, as well as scrubbing machines and high performance sweepers.

Quality and hygiene, important in schools and residences:

The quality in our techniques and with the help of products is one of our main obsessions. The materials and products used are supported by the recognition of the health authorities in force, as well as by the specific guarantee offered by the manufacturers. In addition to the cleaning schools in Miami, we are dedicated to many other activities.

In this sense, our commitment to diversification allows us to carry out services of equal efficiency for the hotel industry and fumigation and disinfection, such as cleaning hospitals. All this, without renouncing the maximum specialization for each and every one of the tasks we carry out. Do not hesitate to trust us to clean schools in Miami.