Maintenance and cleaning:

Our community service of cleaning and portals in Miami is an integral service for the urbanization, buildings, portals and communities of any size.

Therefore, cleaning in neighboring communities is very important, given that, given the frequency of people and animals that cross them, they contaminate common areas on a daily basis and turn them into a source of dirt and bacteria.

In All Cleaning Miami we have highly trained personnel to achieve the best results after the cleaning and disinfection processes.

➨ Our success in cleaning has been the implementation of our comprehensive cleaning system. Services like this require special treatment, to achieve effective cleaning in the shortest possible time.

➨ Above all, it must be borne in mind that our customers come first. All areas will be periodically supervised by our area managers, in accordance with our comprehensive quality system to ensure proper cleaning.

Cleaning and maintenance of high frequency:

The areas of highest traffic will always be the strictest they should be with respect to hygiene standards, therefore, it is important to keep it always clean because they are always the most affected by dirt.

Although it seems obvious, it is good to remember it for a correct cleaning of the community, since sometimes because an area seems to be kept clean or a cleaning task does not seem to be necessary at first sight, it does not mean that it is not. . Specially closed areas such as elevators and landings.

Maintenance of garages and parkings:

Especially in garage areas and parking areas, it is good to keep them clean with an average frequency, but from time to time you should clean them with specialized machinery to ensure optimum levels of hygiene for the community.

Finally, if you have more questions about cleanliness in Miami, contact us and we will personally help you.

Disadvantages of a dirty community:

Bad smells in common areas.

Upset by dirt and bad coexistence

Greater possibility of contracting and spreading diseases.

Loss in quality of life.

Ease to attract pests.

Problems with health institutions.

Advantages in a clean community:

Improves the appearance of the property.

Favor the health of the neighbors of the building.

It improves the comfort and the daily life of the people.

Avoid problems of pests, floods or damages.

Take care of the environment for a better life.

Giving the image of a clean community revalues ​​the building.

Ask for a budget without commitment!



The most common cleaning tasks in a neighborhood are:

  • Common areas of the community.
  • Stairs and landings.
  • Elevators.
  • Garbage collection.

It is good that some behavioral patterns are put into practice in areas of increased traffic and more frequent cleaning that avoids increasing the cleaning frequency. This manages to reduce the costs of the community.


The tasks of half frequency, in some communities will be of high frequency and in others they will be of low frequency. Even so, as a general rule, the average frequency cleaning tasks in a neighborhood community are:

  • Cleaning Window Cleaning: Window cleaning will vary according to the number of windows and where they are located.
  • Maintenance Garage and parking areas: garage maintenance will depend directly on the time of year, the soil material and the frequency of entry and exit.

Areas Garden and pool areas: in these cases, the garden and pool areas will be more seasonal.


Among the low frequency tasks we can see:

  • Cleaning due to specific problems.
  • Cleaning of storage rooms or less frequented places.