Thanks to the effort and interest that our workers put, and the new technology in cleaning and machinery. We are aware of the importance of cleaning rooms, common places, operating rooms, consultations, cafeterias and any type of stay in hospitals, clinics and health centers.

Health is something really important and vital for people.The cleaning of hospitals is very important for us.

Correct hygiene improves the quality of life of patients, doctors and staff in these clinics, thus improving all hospital processes. A comfortable and welcoming environment is a really necessary aspect when it comes to cleaning hospitals. How this helps the recovery of patients.

The possibility of contagion of a disease can be resolved by proper cleaning. Hospital cleaning should be done with a constant periodicity and through cleaning processes that can clean and disinfect. The cleanliness of the hospitals is really important since the microorganisms can resist during a period of time in the place where an infected patient was.

  • The cleaning process should consist of dragging dirt and germs through a humid environment.
  • It is necessary to wash and rub surfaces with soap and water or a specialized detergent.
  • Debemos rinse and dry the area to be cleaned.
  • Finally, it is necessary to disinfect it with specific products.
  • Once the area has been cleared, it will be ready to receive the next patient.

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