All Cleaning Miami is a cleaning company that provides support services to companies. We guarantee an INTEGRAL SERVICE to keep all your facilities in perfect condition. With a flexible and modern infrastructure, it presents solutions adapted to the most demanding needs.

Our staff is highly qualified and specialized to provide the service with the maximum guarantee. It also offers a comprehensive service with specific cleaning and maintenance solutions in your home.

The cleaning service:

– General maintenance, daily and newspaper.
– All types of synthetic furniture such as shelves, tables …
– Upholstered furniture, made of sheet metal or wood.
– Computer devices such as computers, printers, photocopiers or telephones.
– Sanitary, hygienic and air fresheners.
– Treatment of technical, hard and textile pavements, such as carpets.
– Repair small damages whenever they are in our hands.

Nowadays, every time we change more houses and although that moment gives us an illusion, it is also complex to face it. Of the documentation, the packing of the equipment, the transfer and, most importantly, the “cleaning of the house”.

Ask for a budget without commitment!

Therefore, cleaning the house before moving is essential, but we must take into account the necessary aspects, make the most of all possible resources and be able to do so in the shortest possible time.

Once you have placed the furniture, it will be more difficult to polish and give the treatment to this house, you need to clean the corners that accumulate so much dust in the door frames and air conditioning grilles.

To think that if it is necessary to make a machine to polish your floor with the furniture of the interior will be very complicated or you will have to move them and protect them so that it is better to carry out a complete cleaning before “moving” the property ”

In All Cleaning Miami we know the cleanliness by the amount of accumulated experience, and for this reason in this article we will share the best cleaning tips that you can apply both to clean your home and your business to obtain better results and save time. and effort.

Cleaning tips that you can apply to both clean your home and your business.

Generic Cleaning:

  • I need without losing time with continuous displacements in search of what you have forgotten.
  • Pre-program the tasks to organize the cleaning of the house, like the real professionals, and do not interrupt the work constantly, or even until it ends with the planned objectives. This way you will get a more efficient job and in less time.
  • Do good ventilation while cleaning in your home or business, because without proper air renewal, you will not have a feeling of complete cleanliness.
  • Brush to finish furniture dust with a damp cloth. The order of the home is essential to improve the feeling of cleanliness.
  • When cleaning horizontal surfaces, use the wet cleaning system to prevent the dust from rising and falling again.
  • Always clean from top to bottom, both wet and dry.
  • Take advantage of the moments of general cleaning when you do the cleaning at home or in the office, to get rid of all the useless garbage that makes you lose a lot of time every time you have to clean every day.

Cleaning tips:

  • If the scraper of your vitro has been left without a blade, use an aluminum scouring pad with your cleaning product for the vitro, and you will get the same result.
  • Then you just have to pick them up, without having to go through the cleaning of the fingerprints.
  • After spreading the mixture, wait for it to dry, then rub vigorously to remove the remains of the product and dirt, and you will see that the silver is shiny.
  • When it comes to cleaning the walls and the ceiling, use a mop with a telescopic handle to avoid using the stairs, or do it with your vacuum, if you have an extendable handle.
  • The old cotton shirts are a valuable ally to clean glass and polished surfaces, so do not throw them away after they do not fit.
  • When cleaning your home or business, it is not necessary to use many cleaning products, but a few effective and well chosen.