The “cleaning service” of the reforms is a deep service. We will go quickly to work and with our capabilities we will obtain very effective results. After the remodeling of the house, office, building or warehouse, we will eliminate accumulated dirt and dust. So when the cleaning is finished, this space will be ready to be used.

To clean the renovations of the works, we have products and machinery. And with our experience in this type of work, it allows us to obtain the best results, being able to offer highly competitive prices.

This way you can finish everything in the shortest possible time. Avoid stains during work to make less effort in the future.So the budget for cleaning work will be lower. Therefore, not only cleaning is important.

Ask for a budget without commitment!

2 very important points of prevention at the time of a remodeling are: …
“Protect windows:”. Since they are very dusty and dirty, their final cleaning is harder to perform than other parts of the job.

Remove the knobs and handles of the doors. For these they accumulate a lot of dirt and it is difficult to eliminate. They are elements that are stained a lot in continuous contact with the staff if we leave them.

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