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1-)To clean the bathrooms, apply the cleaning product to the toilets and take advantage of the cleaning of the mirrors, shelves and other objects, and finally remove the cleaning detergent.

2-)If you do not have anti-grease products, at a certain time, use vinegar, salt and dishwashing detergent in a scrubbing sponge.And you will get the same effect when you clean the kitchen thoroughly, then you will have to remove the mixture with a cloth and hot water, rinsing constantly.

3-)To avoid blockages in the drainage pipes, pour boiling water to clean the interior periodically and keep sinks, showers and bidets clean.

4-)When it comes to removing stains embedded in hard surfaces, such as those that form at the corners of ceramic floors when cleaning the kitchen thoroughly, or in any other place with floors of these characteristics, aluminum scourers have a great power abrasive that can help you a lot.

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5-)To clean the oven full of grease, make a paste with baking soda and vinegar, open the windows of the house mainly those of the kitchen and spread the compound with the help of a scourer through the trays and the base, since the sides tend to be self-cleaning.

6-)Then, turn on the oven at medium temperature so that the elements are heated, before starting to clean, turn off again and open the door, to remove a tray with thermal protection gloves.Remove all the remains that can with newspaper and finish by rubbing with a scrub pad, hot water and more prepared mix. Rinse with water at a good temperature and dry with paper towels.

7-)To easily clean the pots and pans with burnt remains, let them soak in cold water, until you see that the debris increases in size. Then use a spoon to scrape the most dirt and remove it, without scratching.

8-)Finally, with the help of a green scourer or an aluminum scourer, depending on the coating of the pot or pan, the cleaning ends with the dishwasher detergent and the hot water.