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-Gym Cleaning In Miami Dade & Broward-

If you have a gym, you will be very concerned about hygiene. So you will need a strict and efficient cleaning service to clean it. At All Cleaning Miami, we will provide you with an irreplaceable cleaning service. Above all, we have a group of cleaners who know how to work on the premises, depending on the needs of each client. Additionally, all All Cleaning Miami employees will be responsible for cleaning handles, knobs, glass, doors, handrails, tables, counters, and other exercise equipment.

The most important thing for us is that day after day we eliminate germs and bacteria from dressing rooms and other accessories. We work with completely painless products to avoid allergic reactions among our employees and customers. They are very effective and safe cleaning products. We provide a clean and bright environment that attracts customers when they enter the gym. Don't let the gym absorb that smell and destroy you.

Our company has a lot of experience in the field of cleaning and the work requires the correct process to ensure deep and effective cleaning of gyms. We know that perfect appearance and absolute hygiene are important to gym patrons. Our company's service privileges are an absolute guarantee for our customers and employees. Our employees are our main wealth, they are safe and respect national standards. The company specializes in a group of reasonable prices and non-binding contracts to ensure that customers provide our services to customer expectations.

-Our Gym Cleaning Service-

The headquarters of All Cleaning Miami is in Miami, but we have brigades throughout Miami Dade and Broward County to offer a cleaning service to any gym or sports center that wants the best results at the lowest cost, regardless of distance. . In addition to the comprehensive gym cleaning service, we also offer maintenance.

-Gym and Sports Center Maintenance Service-

It is advisable to establish a cleaning maintenance program to prevent dirt from deteriorating the facilities and making them lose their good appearance. Our company also has gym maintenance services, comprehensive maintenance of all types of machines and facilities to prevent, repair and forget about unforeseen events.
For preventive maintenance, a technician must periodically evaluate your installations. Through the study of needs, our specialists determine all the tasks that are necessary during the year to ensure the perfect condition of each installation, avoid possible breakdowns, improve the performance of the devices, extend the useful life of the equipment and save money.

-Cleaning and Security Services for Sports and Fitness Centers-

It allows you to receive advice from cleaning services for greater security in the establishment. This service is completely free. We also want to share our deep security knowledge with our customers. Your initial evaluation, follow-up plan, or random questions are always answered by our team of experts, providing you with a personalized service that provides the best solution for your business. Cleaning Service Miami

-What Is Included In The Price Of Cleaning The Gym?-

We do not give surprises. As a client of All Cleaning Miami, you will receive excellent service at a reasonable price.
  • Employee Base Salary
  • Assignment of existing staff
  • Special prorated pay and vacation
  • Employer contributions to social security
  • Immediate replacement of staff due to illness or vacation
  • Mandatory insurance for contract cleaning workers
  • Work Clothes
  • Products, machinery and equipment used for the correct Services Execution
  • Own Mixed Occupational Risk Plan
  • Data Protection Plan
  • Accident Insurance and Labor Civil Liability Insurance

    How Do We Clean And Sanitize Gyms?

    All Cleaning Miami is a company that takes care of every detail in cleaning, we are legal and with a desire to care for the environment, the protocols are designed to keep sports facilities clean and fully sanitized, preventing the appearance of mold, maintenance and polishing. of a different kind. . of floors, cleaning machines, toilets, lights, carpets... We adapt to the needs of your sports center and collaborate with your team to design the best operation.

    -The protocol for the different types of surfaces and rooms is:-

    ●Gym Machines:
  • These machines need, along with toilets and showers, to require greater attention and maximum hygiene to eliminate fat and microorganisms accumulated after multiple uses by customers. We pay great attention to the use made of this equipment to offer maximum hygiene and safety.

    ●Pavements, And Floors:

  • We sweep, mop and/or scrub, disinfect and leave impeccable floors of any type of material.

    ●Toilets, Showers And Changing Rooms:

  • We prevent the appearance of mold and fungus in areas with accumulation of humidity and we eliminate them if they have already appeared. In toilets and showers we must also focus on eliminating bacteria to avoid bad odors and guarantee the hygiene of gym users.

    ●Windows, Glazing And Metal Parts:

  • We pay special attention to contact marks on the glass areas and the accumulation of dust on the metal parts of the luminaires.

    ●Furniture And Offices:

  • Maintenance of offices and offices so that you have a comprehensive service for your company's facilities.

    -The Importance Of Gym Hygiene -

    Enjoy the following benefits of using a comprehensive gym cleaning service to keep your clients and employees from getting germs.
    ●Reduced risk of spreading germs.
    ●Improved air quality.
    ●Impeccable facilities that invite customers.
    ● Extended life of the installation.
    ●Optimized service and reliable programming.
    ●Personal certificate and verified with clean uniforms.
    ●Guaranteed hospital grade disinfection.
    ●Quality controls.

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